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SSD Tweaker v3 Free & Pro Edition Download

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SSD Tweaker for Windows

Optimize and Restore Performance of your SSD in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
The SSD Tweaker has a massive distribution around the world for its simple yet powerful features and interface. It has been reviewed and recommended by many PC magazines and Tech Websites. Try the SSD Tweaker today and get the most from your powerful SSD.

This utility can help you make changes in seconds that can restore the performance of your SSD in just a few steps. It does a System Restore backup upon use to make sure you can reverse any changes and has a reset to default config to take your computer back to original windows settings.


SSD Tweaker for Windows

The SSD Tweaker Lets you optimize the following:

  • Windows Services (Pro Only)
  • Query and Set Windows 7 TRIM Status (Pro Only)
  • TRIM Optimization (Pro Only)
  • Hibernation Settings (Pro Only)
  • Use Large System Cache
  • Ntfs Memory Usage
  • Disable 8.3 Filenames
  • Disable Date Stamping
  • Disable Boot Tracing
  • Windows Prefetcher
  • Windows Vista Superfetch
  • Windows Indexing Service
  • System Restore
  • Windows Defrag
  • DIPM Enable Support
  • and many more things....

"The fact of the matter is that SSD Tweaker is an application that offers the most important tweaking options for your Solid State Drive." - Alexandru, Softpedia Reviewer

"You've a great little product in the SSD Tweaker. I'll certainly  continue to recommend it." - Paul of Australia

"SSD Tweaker is a free application that is easy-to-use and does not require a lot of computer experience in order to enhance the performance of your SSD. A plus is given by the fact that it can display the TRIM status of your drive with the simple press of a button." - Softpedia.com 

"Thanks again for the awesome software!" - Katie

"Hey I just want to thank you for allowing upgrades." - Max of USA

"Добрый день как я вам благодарен за ваш труд огромное спасибо низкий поклон вы молодцы Борис" - Boris of Russia

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